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Smart Modernisation Survey Form

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    Email address
    Site Address
    Machine Room Location Graphic
    Machine Room

    Machine room position
    Machine room location floor
    Machine room width (W) mm
    Machine room depth (D) mm
    Distance from lift well to machine room mm

    Lift Well

    Lift Well Width (W) mm
    Lift Well Depth (D) mm
    Pit Depth mm
    Headroom mm
    Travel mm

    Route from lift well to machine room

    Through ductThrough roof space
    Other please specify

    Hydraulic Infomation
    Drive Type
    Drive Type Graphic

    For other please add a photo
    JPEG images with max. file size 2MB

    Drive Type required


    Full speed up under all load conditionsLoad dependent up speed
    Reading on pressure gauge with no load in car Bar
    Existing motor power
    Existing pump flow l/min
    Existing tank size (photo if possible)
    L W H

    JPEG images with max. file size 2MB

    Power Unit Options

    Power unit is A3 ready as standard, includes 4 pressure sensors, hand pump, manometer and soft starter as standard

    Load weighingCooler connectionsCooler thermostatOil level gaugeOil level switchBund tray 125%Tank heater
    Voltage: 230vAC400vAC
    Non specified option add details

    Cylinder Infomation

    Single stageTwo stage telescopicThree stage telescopicFour stage telescopic

    Ram (Piston) Diameter

    Stage 1 mm Stage 2 mm Stage 3 mm Stage 4 mm
    Hose length Hydratec to supply
    Oil Hydratec to supply

    Control System

    Includes Plug and Play Wiring, Flexes, Car Top Control CTC600, CEDES Shaft Positioning System, Limits and Brackets

    Number of lifts
    Control system
    Number of floors
    Floor Layout
    Door type
    Car Entrances
    Retiring ramp voltage ACDC
    Power Supply V Phase Hz
    Wire (3 wire = no neutral / 4 wire = with neutral)

    Controller Requirements

    Oil Cooler 240V415V
    Oil Cooler Motor SingleTwin
    Tank Heater 240V415V




    Car Buttons


    Car Load Engraving

    Company Logo
    Persons kg
    Lift Number

    Additional requirements

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