Hydraulic Lift Modernisation

With an increasing demand for a hydraulic lift modernisation, a thorough knowledge of compatibility, new product specification and availability is essential for protecting margins and meeting programme deadlines. As your partner/contractor, we can offer a service that starts from the initial survey and can go right through to installation.

The most suitable products for both the project and budget

Hydratec has built strong relationships over the past two decades with all of the leading equipment manufacturers and ancillary equipment and component suppliers. Our strong relationships and up-to-date product knowledge means we are able to offer the most suitable product, install it and support it. As we have no affiliation to any one manufacturer we are able to offer unbiased advice as to those products most suitable for your particular installation and budget.

Hydraulic lift modernisation services

When the reliability of the hydraulic lift starts to suffer, you need a specialist who can identify what needs to be done, none more so than when your hydraulic lift starts to have reliability problems.

We are equipped with specialist diagnostic equipment that means we can interrogate the drive/valve control system to identify the fault and return the lift to service quickly and safely. We are all too aware that our success depends on our clients’ success, so we do everything in our power to provide a premium lift refurbishment service with fast response times and a high percentage of first time fixes.

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