29 Sep

Full Modernisation on One of UK’s Busiest Railway Stations

Hydratec has recently completed a full lift modernisation for one of the UK’s busiest railway stations outside London, which has been subject to substantial investment by Network Rail over the past two years.

Located in the short-stay car park, the modernisation project for this 4-floor, 8-person hydraulic car park lift included the supply and installation of a specified Hydroware® Hydroelite Vidi system package. Now successfully complete, the project was delivered on time and within the budget applied by our client.

18 Aug

Two Passenger/Goods Lifts Refurbishment for a Well-known Furniture Retail Company in Newcastle

Orders have now arrived to refurbish two existing passenger/goods lifts for a well-known furniture retail company’s shop in Newcastle.

Dealing with reliability issues, Hydratec will be supplying and installing a specified Hydroware Hydroelite Vidi system package, a well-known integrated control and drive system, to cater for these 2.5 and 6 Tonne hydraulic lifts.

For this large project, all done whilst the building is in full use, we’ll also install new landing entrances and fix some of the existing reliability upgrades. The works are due to be complete for the ‘Back to School’ season in September.

04 Aug

Lift Modernisation for a Keswick Care Home Now Complete

We’ve just completed another successful Hydratec smart™ hydraulic lift modernisation in a care home in Keswick, combined with a Bucher Softstart hydraulic iValve and Lester Controls ALMEGA II control system.

29 Jul

Modernisation of a 2-Stop, 500kg Bullion Lift

Hydratec has just modernised a 2-stop, 500kg bullion lift for a well-known bank at one of its premium branch locations in London. Done as part of the bank’s strategic refurbishment of a number of its UK branches, the modernisation of bullion lifts is essential for safety when moving weighty coins or bars between floors.

Due to the typical location of these lifts, the confined spaces, and their reduced shaft sizes, the equipment manoeuvrability can often be challenging. On completion, we undertook full safety testing and handed over the new bullion lift to the Bank’s staff.
With the overall project continuing, our next task is to modernise another of the Bank’s hydraulic bullion lifts, this time it’s a 1000kg lift.

14 Jul

Large Goods Lift Full Modernisation in Sewage Treatment Plant

Working on behalf of a long-standing client, Hydratec will begin a major goods lift modernisation project at one of the largest sewage treatment plants in the UK.

Located in East London and covering an area of 55 hectares, the plant’s existing 2-tonne, 5-storey goods lift was in need of a full modernisation. Hydratec will be supplying and installing all the new equipment including a Saturn Alpha Bucher power unit, a Lester Controls ALMEGA II controller system, completely new car, car doors, landing pushes and indicators.

The 12-week project will be a challenging one for the Hydratec team to undertake. The engineers will be required to adhere to the very stringent Health and Safety protocols on site and undertake additional training prior to starting the works.

14 Jun

Premium London Residential Building Modernisation with Hydratec smart™

Working for one of our industry customers, Hydratec has undertaken the Hydratec smart™ modernisation of a four-person lift, in a premium 4-storey, London residential building.

Not only was the building in full use whilst the modernisation was being undertaken, but there was also limited space to work in. The machine room and the lift shaft were very small, making it a rather detail-oriented process. The smart was configured with a Bucher Saturn Beta iValve with soft start, Lester Controls ALMEGA II controller and new car and landing entrances which were particularly challenging given the very tight shaft.

27 May

9-Lifts Modernisation for London Health Service Trust

Hydratec has now completed the modernisation project of nine lifts for a London Health Service Trust for our customer. The start of the project dates back to 2019 as one of the lifts was installed, and then as the critical pandemic period hit, the works had to be put on pause and all equipment put into storage.

Early 2021, finally gave the remaining project the green light, so Hydratec was then able to progress with the remaining eight lifts, all to be completed by mid-April. These were located across four of the multiple Trust locations and included a set of three, 4-floor lifts, five, 2-floor lifts.

As with all NHS hospital/clinic locations, but especially in mental health institutions, Hydratec engineers had to be particularly sensitive of the noise and routine disturbance the work may cause to the building’s users. So, whilst still on lockdown, all jobs done on site were carried out with the utmost consideration for the patients’ wellbeing and medical staff alike. The modernisation project included replacement of controllers, door operators (as well as pushes and indications) and minor car interior upgrades.

Now fully operational, all parties were very complimentary about the final results.

17 Mar

Hydratec smart™ installation Sheltered Housing Kingston

Typical image of the residential housing Hydratec smart solutions are used.

Working during the early part of January 2020, under strict Government COVID guidelines and to reinstate the reliability of the lift, our engineers completed a full Hydratec smart™ lift modernisation. The work took place in a 4-storey sheltered housing home in Kingston, Surrey, originally built in 1989 with 32 apartments and shared communal facilities.

We removed all the existing hydraulic equipment including the lift controller and undertook the installation of the new equipment. The Hydratec smart was configured with a Bucher iValve, a Lester Controls ALMEGA II hydraulic controller and a CEDES absolute positioning system.

Taking great care to ensure all hygiene and safety procedures were in place before and throughout the work, a time frame and access to the site was agreed with the residents. This included the removal of the old equipment and installation of the new smart hydraulic system.

22 Feb

Hydratec’s response to the upcoming changes to VAT rules

From 1st March 2021, the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will be rolling out a VAT Domestic Reverse Charge scheme which will affect some activities within the Construction sector.

Hydratec would like to inform all of our customers that our lift works fall outside of the scope of the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) and as a result, will continue to be subject to standard VAT charges and NOT the Domestic Reverse Charges.

For more information, click here or get in touch with our Management team on 01252 871 664.

10 Feb

Hydratec smart™ modernisation at one of London’s large teaching hospitals

Working as subcontractors with one of our industry customers, Hydratec have recently undertaken a Hydratec smart™ modernisation on one of the hospital’s hydraulic lifts. The lift had been out of action for several months and a full modernisation was required including cylinders, VVVF power unit, new cylinder pillars, chains and pulleys.

As with other essential work that we are undertaking during lockdown, Hydratec engineers are taking great care to ensure all hygiene and safety procedures follow strict Government COVID guidelines. Our engineering team also worked with the hospital’s facility management to ensure that we fully complied with the rigorous COVID requirements of the hospital.

Our initial task was to undertake a site survey, to establish the correct specification for the Hydratec smart and what ancillaries. After agreeing a time frame for the upgrade, we removed all the existing hydraulic equipment including the lift controller. We then undertook the installation of the new equipment.

The smart was configured with a Bucher iValve, a Lester Controls ALMEGA II hydraulic controller and a CEDES absolute positioning system, to comply with the EN81-20 and A3 compliance.