01 May

Hydratec’s return to operational services under strict COVID 19 guidelines.

As of Monday 11th May 2020, Hydratec will be returning to fully operational services from both our Yateley and Heywood facilities. 

We continue to remain partly operational until 11th May, to support requests relating to the NHS and other of the UK’s front-line essential services for on-site support and for the dispatch of critical stock parts when required.

Key personnel can still be contacted directly via their mobile phones, (numbers provided to existing customers).

To protect our staff, we will be following the distancing and hygiene standards as recommended by the Government relating to Covid-19. Returning to work, repair and modernisation engineers will all be correctly equipped with face masks, gloves, visors and goggles and thoroughly briefed on COVID 19 distancing and safety procedures prior to visiting any work site.

Our Senior Managers will be prioritising all jobs and projects that were already in progress or due to start prior to the lockdown. We are happy to discuss timelines for any new jobs or projects and appreciate your understanding whilst we clear the backlog of work. 

Technical support is available through the usual channels and by emailing sales@hydratec-lifts.co.uk, we will do our utmost to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Rob Keane

12 Mar

Hydratec Sponsors a Charity Race Night for Bexley Snap

Last week, some of the Hydratec team took part in a sponsored race night, in support of Bexley Snap. For those of you who are unaware, Bexley snap is a charitable association fully committed to improving the lives of disabled children and their families.

We are pleased to announce that together with other partner organisations, a total of £1,500 was raised for the race night! A big thank you to our colleagues and friends for their ongoing support for Bexley Snap.

For further information about Bexley Snap, click here.

18 Dec

Hydraulic Lift Modernisation in Library

A prestigious Library complex needs an efficient reliable lift. Hydratec were asked to provide a solution to replace the existing Bucher Orion Alpha accumulator system, ensuring maximum energy saving whilst retaining the existing lift jacks. As the existing controller was expected to be retained, we opted for the Bucher Supercap system. The Supercap system installed reduces energy consumption of the lift by up to 40% compared to a standard VF system.

If you have an accumulator system that needs replacement or any other hydraulic problem, we are the ones to resolve it.

18 Dec

Full Hydraulic Lift Modernisation at four-storey Private Residential building. Soho, London

Soho is globally renowned for its great range of live entertainment, restaurants and clubs. The area also has a significant amount of social and privately-owned properties.

Hydratec were tasked by the owners’ primary lift contractor to undertake a full modernisation on a four-storey passenger lift that serves the apartments over the street-level units.

As the building was occupied during the modernisation, Hydratec produced and erected custom hoardings to protect residents and our workspace during the project which included minor builders’ works. In line with other full modernisations that Hydratec undertake, we installed a new open through lift car, entrances and car doors.

Other elements of the modernisation included a Hydratec smart™ EN81-20 compliant system incorporating a Bucher VF iValve and a Lester Controls Almega II lift controller, landing signalisation, shaft wiring, limits, car top control and a CEDES shaft encoder.

Prior to handover, we fully tested the new lift and made it available for use by the residents.

18 Dec

Three-Storey Lift Modernisation. Kensington, London

Situated close to Kensington High Street and in a premium residential property, Hydratec were contracted to undertake the modernisation of a three-storey MRL hydraulic passenger lift.

The residential property under new ownership was undergoing a full refurbishment programme which included replacing a longstanding out of service lift.

Working with the primary lift contactor, Hydratec were tasked to undertake the full lift modernisation which related to the installation of a Hydratec smart™ hydraulic system. This included the installation of the hydraulic unit into a newly constructed motor room.

The Hydratec smart™ EN81-20 compliant system utilised included a Lester Controls Almega II custom manufactured controller and a Bucher iValve. As part of the package, we also installed the shaft wiring, limits, car top control and a CEDES shaft encoder.

Typical three storey buildings in Kensington similar to the one recently being refurbished.

09 Dec

First Aid training at Hydratec

First Aid training at Hydratec

Hydratec has an excellent safety record, and we are keen to ensure that this continues!

Last week, our engineering teams attended Hydratec’s latest First Aid training at our Southern office in Yateley.  It is important that our staff are up to date with their First Aid Qualifications, and continue to be aware all of the latest developments and guidelines on significant Health & Safety elements as set out by the HSE.

We want to ensure that our customers have qualified First Aiders working on site, who are always available to help in emergencies and reinforces the company ethos that health & safety is a vital part of our work and a priority for us.

A big thank you to our engineers for participating in the First Aid training and their ongoing commitment to Hydratec.

25 Sep

Hydratec is officially ISO 45001 certified!

We are pleased to announce that Hydratec have achieved the ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management standard accreditation!

The safety of our staff and those that visit the sites we work at is incredibly important to us. Gaining the ISO 45001 has proven that the policies and procedures we have in place do just that! Despite our OHSAS accreditation renewal not being due until 2021, our team have worked with determination to secure the certification ahead of time by demonstrating how seriously we take health and safety.

The IS0 45001 certification has been developed to help reduce risks in the workplace and internationally provides a single framework to businesses, whatever their size. ISO 45001 also provides clear direction that assists companies to build a more robust Health and Safety program.

22 May

A successful LIFTEX 2019 for Hydratec!

After several months of planning and preparatory work, that included the selection of additional control solutions for the Hydratec smart™, we finally had everything in place for the start of LIFTEX 2019.

This year was the third LIFTEX exhibition that Hydratec has exhibited at and like the previous two, it not only provided us with the opportunity to meet with potential new but also and importantly to meet with many of our existing customers and friends.

This year, we focused on the success we have had with partial and full hydraulic lift modernisations along with an increased range of options for Hydratec smart™.

From all of us here at Hydratec, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who visited us at LIFTEX and we look forward to continuing to build strong working relationships with all our customers, both old and new.

18 Oct

Hydraulic Lifts In Winter


It’s that time of year again – winter is coming and we are not alone in our dislike of the cold.

Hydraulic oil temperature

The recommended temperature of hydraulic oil is between 5-40°C, and if the temperature falls below this range, your customer’s hydraulic lift may experience problems.

Issues like not levelling when it reaches a floor or ceasing to function completely are symptomatic of cold oil when the outside temperature drops.

Preventative maintenance

Before winter truly sets in, take time to consider some preventative maintenance. Now is the time to check that motor room heaters are working efficiently and, your customers may want to consider the addition of an oil tank heater or oil change if the oil is degraded.

We’ll keep your customer’s lift running smoothly

Should your customer’s lift require maintenance and/or repair over the chilly winter period, Hydratec’s experienced hydraulic engineers are on hand to provide rapid, professional assistance with all types of minor and major lift repairs to keep the lift machinery running smoothly.

Hydratec also provides expert, impartial advice on the winter running and maintenance of hydraulic lifts – so don’t let any important lift succumb to the cold this winter, get in contact with us now.

Remember, preventative maintenance is the best kind of maintenance.

21 Aug

We Offer Lift Testing and Commissioning Services

hydraulic lift repairs - hydraulic elevator repairs

We have NVQ4 qualified engineers available to undertake lift testing!

Hydratec’s experienced team of lift engineers can perform lift testing and commissioning operations for lift industry customers.

Rigorous and thorough processes must be undertaken to ensure that your lift is meeting the legislative guidelines and the requirements of property owners.

Highly experienced team

Our highly qualified team of engineers always adhere to the highest standards of safety and compliance with EN 81 and The Lift Regulations 1997 and 2010 whenever we undertake lift testing and commissioning services.

Meeting legislative guidelines

Meeting the needs regulatory compliance in the lift industry is essential for all of our customers and Hydratec can help by providing qualified assistance to support lift testing and commissioning.

This ensures that your lift continues to run at the highest levels of Health & Safety.

If you would like to find out more about our lift testing and commissioning service, get in touch with us today.