16 Mar

New ecomart+ Installation in a Lancashire Sheltered Accommodation

We’re feeling proud having just received great feedback from the client, on completing one of six Hydratec ecosmart™+ hydraulic lift modernisation packages for sheltered accommodation in Lancashire.

These packages all include Lester Controls Almega II controllers and Bucher iValve power units. The remaining units will be completed during the course of the year.

07 Mar

24,000kg and 10,000kg Vehicle and Truck Lifts Project

Working in London’s financial district at a major insurance institution, Hydratec has now completed two hydraulic system modernisations in a Grade I listed building in Central London.

There were many challenges to overcome including the weight of the equipment being removed and installed (one jack weighed over 7000kg), the problems with installing the power units where space was at a premium and making sure we had safe working spaces. It meant a complete redesign of the motor room layout.

The original motor room had three power units installed with minimal clearances between them. The floor dimensions were not large enough to fit the new power units and larger controllers. Fortunately, it was high enough to allow for a mezzanine floor to be built. The incoming mains intake cupboard also had to be repositioned, to give more clearances.

The requirement for a bund tank meant Hydratec had to design, build and install a custom-sized aluminium drip tray and bracketry. The pipework was also custom-made due to the number of bends needed. In order to avoid pressure losses, Hydratec had specially fabricated, large-diameter steel piping made, with special fittings. All the pipe work was measured, cut and trial fitted on-site before being welded and powder coated. To differentiate the two sets of pipework, the client specified the striking red and yellow colour scheme.

02 Mar

Hydratec smart™ hydraulic modernisation packages in Great Suffolk Street, London

Previously refurbished in 2020, the building’s two existing 5-stop machine-room-less hydraulic lifts were having reliability issues. As a result, Hydratec was approached for the supply and installation of two Hydratec smart™ hydraulic lift modernisation packages. Included in the smart™ packages were Thames Valley Controls controllers and Bucher iValve power units.

Due to the client’s request for the units to be easily accessible and to blend in with the building’s aesthetics, the smart™ cabinets were tailor-made to match the building’s colour scheme and were built into a recess. Now fully complete, the installation project also included removing the power units from the pit to the landing and relocating the incoming mains power supply.