Hydratec smart with TVC Controller

As a direct result of customer requests, Hydratec have worked with Digital Advanced Controls (DAC) to provide a DAC lift control solution for the Hydratec smart™ range.

The Hydratec smart hydraulic TVC packages all use a Bucher iValve and includes, plug and play wiring, limit package, car top control and a Kubler shaft encoder. The Bucher iValve has an integrated A3 solution hence, no additional safety valves are required.

Hydratec smart with TVC Ethos 2 basic hydraulic Controller, with soft start mounted on tank.

Hydratec ecosmart™ with TVC Ethos 2 hydraulic Controller, with a VVVF drive in up direction only, with current limited option. Hydratec ecosmart+™ with a VVVF drive in both up and down directions.