Hydraulic Lift Repairs

The decision whether to undertake hydraulic lift repairs or replace a hydraulic unit or part often requires an understanding of compatibility and suitability, particularly if the item is being replaced on an ageing lift.

Major & minor lift repairs

Hydratec can help with all types of minor and major lift repairs on hydraulic installations, including:

  • Valve servicing
  • Replacement ram seals
  • Oil and hose changes

Advising on lift repair options

In instances where a detailed estimate of advice is required prior to any lift repairs work, we have developed an online survey form that can be completed on any mobile phone with internet connection.

This will help when advising on what repair options are available for hydraulic lifts which we have not already surveyed as part of an ongoing relationship.

Our impartial advice is provided by experienced Hydraulic Engineers and our recommendations are in your and your customers’ best interests, taking into account budget and lift downtime reduction.

If we can help with your hydraulic lift repairs, get in contact with us.

Hydratec can help with on-site repairs covering all types of hydraulic failures including:

  • Valves
  • Ram seals
  • Rupture valves
  • Hydraulic oil changes
  • Hoses and pipework
  • Oil/water heat exchange systems
  • Motors and power units
  • Energy efficient drives
  • Silencers
  • Tanks
  • Pulleys, ropes, chains