Why Choose Hydratec?

There’s no denying the importance of a well-functioning hydraulic lift. Whether your lift is operating in a warehouse, hospital, a large retail store, or sheltered accommodation hydraulic lifts are instrumental in ensuring efficiency and safety in your customer’s day-to-day operations. But what happens when they need repairs? While it may be tempting to handle these in-house, there are plenty of benefits when choosing Hydratec for your hydraulic lift repairs.

Specialised Expertise

Hydraulic systems are complex, and troubleshooting their problems often requires specialist knowledge and skills. Hydratec, being a company that has specialised in hydraulic lift repair and modernisation for over 30 years, have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with a wide range of hydraulic systems. We can quickly diagnose problems, propose effective solutions, and execute repairs with precision and efficiency.

Cost Efficiency

With cost being more key than ever before, using Hydratec means that you only pay for the service you need. Our teams have all the specialist equipment needed to complete repairs quickly and efficiently plus a range of emergency spares on their vans. This reduces your expenses related to purchasing and maintaining specialised equipment.

Time Saving

Hydratec Lift Services Ltd are adept at completing hydraulic lift repairs and modernisations promptly. Our ability to quickly diagnose and fix issues not only minimizes downtime for your customer, but also allows your teams to focus on other core responsibilities, promoting overall productivity.

Updated Techniques and Technologies

The world of hydraulics is continually evolving with new techniques, tools, technologies, and standards regularly being introduced. As part of our job, Hydratec strive to stay updated with the latest developments, ensuring your hydraulic lifts are repaired using the most effective and efficient methods available, whilst ensuring your lift is maintained to the correct standard.

Risk Management

Repairing hydraulic lifts can be dangerous if not conducted properly. At Hydratec, we adhere to all safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents and keeping your company compliant with health and safety regulations. As an approved safe contractor, and certified ISO45001 company, you can trust that all work carried out on your sites will be conducted safely.

Warranty and Aftercare

Hydratec provide warranty on their repairs where applicable, ensuring any post-repair issues are addressed without incurring additional costs. Furthermore, we also offer technical support on any equipment we supply or install thereby ensuring your follow-on engineers are supported with any additional information required.