23 May

Bucher REGEN systems installed in the Palace of Westminster

Working on behalf of our client, Hydratec have installed three Bucher REGEN systems within the Palace of Westminster.

One of the lifts was using a Bucher BERIPAC™ system, that was to be converted to a conventional 2:1. For those of you not familiar with the BERIPAC, this system used a pulling cylinder rather than a conventional cylinder. The car sling, roping system, pulley and cylinder were converted and a new motor room was formed to house the drive unit and controller. The accumulators were removed and the REGEN unit installed.

Below are some diagrams explaining the conversion process. If you would like more information on converting the BERIPAC system, please get in touch.

17 May

Bespoke Solution for a Critical Lift in a London Landmark Building

Hydratec were asked to provide a bespoke solution for a critical lift located in a well-known London landmark building. The lift had been suffering from ongoing reliability issues. It had been originally supplied with two tank units, the tank units were linked to allow one tank to take over in the event of failure of the other. The changeover system was very complicated and our brief was to replace the tank units and make the changeover very simple.

We achieved this by using a twin Bucher Hydraulics LRV power unit with twin A3 valves and a bespoke Lester Control Systems Ltd control system. The whole system can now be swapped from tank to tank with the use of just one key switch, irrespective of lift position. Our team carried out the modernisation on behalf of one of our customers and the client is very pleased with the result.

If you need any bespoke hydraulic solutions we are here to help; our next ‘off the wall’ project is a hydraulically-operated, counterbalanced moving wall in a listed building in London.

10 May

2-Tonne 5-Storey Full Lift Modernisation Programme Complete

Hydratec engineers completed the full modernisation programme of a 2-tonne 5-storey lift, at one of the largest UK sewage treatment plants

A tricky job to undertake at the best of times it was made particularly difficult due to the hot weather over last summer, We were very pleased to hear how happy the client was with the final results – so much so, that following a safety audit they considered us the best contractor they had ever had on-site which is high praise indeed considering the stringent safety standards in force.

05 May

First Installation of smart with Digital Advanced Controller

We are pleased to announce that, following a request from one of our customers, the first smart® system with a Digital Advanced Control controller has been installed.
Our customer is very pleased with the ease of installation of the full plug and play solution. It was a very quick and easy installation, and we have a very happy client.