18 Aug

Two Passenger/Goods Lifts Refurbishment for a Well-known Furniture Retail Company in Newcastle

Orders have now arrived to refurbish two existing passenger/goods lifts for a well-known furniture retail company’s shop in Newcastle.

Dealing with reliability issues, Hydratec will be supplying and installing a specified Hydroware Hydroelite Vidi system package, a well-known integrated control and drive system, to cater for these 2.5 and 6 Tonne hydraulic lifts.

For this large project, all done whilst the building is in full use, we’ll also install new landing entrances and fix some of the existing reliability upgrades. The works are due to be complete for the ‘Back to School’ season in September.

04 Aug

Lift Modernisation for a Keswick Care Home Now Complete

We’ve just completed another successful Hydratec smart™ hydraulic lift modernisation in a care home in Keswick, combined with a Bucher Softstart hydraulic iValve and Lester Controls ALMEGA II control system.