17 Oct

Hydratec Implements New Mobile Shelving System for Hydraulic Parts

As hydraulic specialists, we understand the importance of timely and efficient responses to orders from companies in the lift industry. For lift breakdowns and repairs, we have an extensive amount of new and replacement hydraulic lift parts and spares.

Hydratec always strive to consistently better ourselves in all that we do, therefore, in order to locate and supply the correct spare parts to customers even more efficiently, and to be able to record parts coming in and going out in a more orderly way, Hydratec decided that a new system ought to be implemented. We wanted a system that would optimise our organisation and reduce time waste when trying to search for parts in a smaller environment.

Here came the ingenious idea of fitting a Mobile Shelving System.

hydraulic parts

A mobile shelving system appeared to be the perfect solution; the shelves work to maximise the use of space in a smaller area by mechanically moving the units closer together. The simple hand pull system works by turning the wheels on the selected unit to create access to a particular row of parts. The pull system is effortless to operate and surprisingly lightweight, not only making it easier to access parts, but also creating a safer environment as well.

replacement hydraulic parts

Once the moveable storage shelves had been installed, it was all down to storing the parts together in their correct place. Organising the parts on the shelves took a lot of hard work and commitment; every part has been clearly labelled with the correct product code and part number, the larger parts have then been stored in sturdy card boxes and the smaller parts in stackable blue storage boxes. A strict system is also now in place for recording what parts are coming in and going out.

storage boxes hydraulic parts

Since its installation, every effort has been made to maintain this high level of organisation of which we are determined to keep going. We are proud to say that we have achieved this, and the system has indeed bettered our efficiency and prevented time being wasted searching among vast rows of parts.

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