18 Oct

Hydraulic Lifts In Winter


It’s that time of year again – winter is coming and we are not alone in our dislike of the cold.

Hydraulic oil temperature

The recommended temperature of hydraulic oil is between 5-40°C, and if the temperature falls below this range, your customer’s hydraulic lift may experience problems.

Issues like not levelling when it reaches a floor or ceasing to function completely are symptomatic of cold oil when the outside temperature drops.

Preventative maintenance

Before winter truly sets in, take time to consider some preventative maintenance. Now is the time to check that motor room heaters are working efficiently and, your customers may want to consider the addition of an oil tank heater or oil change if the oil is degraded.

We’ll keep your customer’s lift running smoothly

Should your customer’s lift require maintenance and/or repair over the chilly winter period, Hydratec’s experienced hydraulic engineers are on hand to provide rapid, professional assistance with all types of minor and major lift repairs to keep the lift machinery running smoothly.

Hydratec also provides expert, impartial advice on the winter running and maintenance of hydraulic lifts – so don’t let any important lift succumb to the cold this winter, get in contact with us now.

Remember, preventative maintenance is the best kind of maintenance.