08 May

Your Hydraulic Lift in Hot Weather

If your hydraulic lift starts to become unreliable in the warmer weather, it may be due to overheating.

If you are experiencing reliability problems we can offer various solutions to improve reliability, including oil coolers and VVVF drive upgrades from ALGI and Bucher.

To ensure for the continued smooth running of your lift during the summer months, get in contact with us today.

12 Apr

Hydraulic Lifts vs. Traction Lifts: Environmental Impacts

Today’s hydraulic lift technology has improved significantly in recent years, meaning that there are many advantages to hydraulic lifts over traction.

Not only can they be a low cost option and easier to install, but the regenerative inverter drives (vvvf-driven control valves) used in today’s hydraulic lifts assist with improving energy consumption and lowering operating costs.

Whilst the higher speed of traction lifts makes it a popular choice in high-rise buildings with an intense traffic flow (making over 300 trips a day), in environmental terms hydraulic technology is considered the better choice for low-rise residential buildings.

Over its life cycle, a hydraulic lift:

  1. Requires less material at every stage of its life cycle than a traction lift.
  2. Has a lower standby power, which accounts for over 50% of the overall lift power requirement, thanks to the fact that it only uses power in the up direction.
  3. Generally has lower maintenance costs than a traction lift, making hydraulic lifts more cost efficient over their life cycles.

With such positive environmental impacts with hydraulic installations in low-rise buildings, it’s easy to see why they should be the preferable choice for any lifts installed in residential buildings.

If you’re looking for more information on how we can help with your hydraulic lift project, please don’t hesitate to contact either of our offices, located in Yateley, Hampshire, and Heywood, near Manchester.

For more information on our Energy Efficient VVVF Drives, click here.

15 Mar

Celebrating 25 Years in Business!

In January of this year, Hydratec celebrated our 25th anniversary of assisting with the needs of lift companies requiring specialist skills and knowledge of hydraulic lifts.

Over the years, we have continued to assist lift companies across the UK with hydraulic repairs, upgrades, modernisations and are often involved in particularly challenging and technical hydraulic projects.

As straight talking hydraulic experts, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and often advise on technical specifications. We have been, and are, involved in many specialist projects which include, regenerative hydraulic systems, super capacitor drives, full modernisations, and complex lift jack replacements.

We work closely with manufacturers including, ALGI, Blain, Bucher, GMV and, Hydronic to provide the best solution.

In order to ensure that Hydratec engineers are constantly up-to-date with hydraulic technology, we have a dedicated training facility at our Yatelely premises. This facility includes a fully operational hydraulic lift, various valve set-ups and a classroom.


As many of our customers will know, in 2016, we launched Hydratec Smart, a modular hydraulic lift modernisation product which has been installed successfully in over 70 sites since its introduction.

Today, as a result of ongoing requests from customers, Hydratec is now providing a hydraulic full turnkey replacement or new installation service, including cars, shaft equipment controllers and aesthetics. Find out more about our hydraulic lift modernisation solutions here.

01 Mar

We’re going to LIFTEX 2019!

We’re going to LIFTEX 2019, are you?

Since being launched last year, the exhibition space has been in high demand and it’s looking set to be the ‘exhibition of choice’ for the industry. Find out more about it in LEIA’s article here.

07 Feb

First Wave of Orders In For New Modernisation Department

2018 and a great start to the new year with our first orders for our newly formed Modernisation Department.

Our new department offers lift companies a reliable and highly professional sub-contract full lift modernisation service, undertaken by Hydratec and backed by our quality workmanship guarantees.

If you’re a lift company and interested in our new modernisation services, find out more on our modernisation page or get in contact with the Hydratec team to see how we can help.

20 Dec

Hydratec’s New Lift Modernisation Department

Hydratec is pleased to announce that we have extended our services to incorporate a newly formed lift modernisation department.

Our new department will not only assist our customers with a cost-effective and fully compliant modernisation solution, it will also assist lift companies across the UK with well specified and competitively priced modernisation projects.

To allow us to satisfy customer demands for lift modernisation work, Hydratec has appointed David Hooper to manage this new and important department.



David brings with him a wealth of experience within the lift industry, which will now allow us to offer full turnkey modernisation solutions on both traction and hydraulic lifts.

With Hydratec’s new hydraulic modernisation solutions, it will cover:

  • Aesthetics
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Safety and accessibility
  • Drive (hydraulic and traction)
  • Controller and controls

For more information, please read our brochure.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if we can help with your lift modernisation project.