Energy Efficient Drives – VVVF

After many years of being overshadowed by the MRL, the hydraulic lift is going through a renaissance. Recent years have seen the tendency for the hydraulic lift to be removed and replaced with a traction MRL to ensure for an energy efficient lift modernisation. Old, smelly and noisy hydraulic lifts have no place in today’s market.

Hydraulic equipment manufacturers have now produced a generation of drives that are cleaner, quieter and cooler running which not only removes the oily aroma but increases the service life of the components.

As a result, Hydratec is now supplying the leading brands of VVVF drives to many customers throughout the UK to ensure a more energy efficient lift modernisation project.

Not only do we supply VVVF drives, in many cases we also install them as part of a hydraulic modernisation, making the entire project more cost-effective than a complete MRL replacement.

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Hydratec VVVF drivers services:

  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Installation as part of the modernisation