residential apartment block

Residential Apartment Block, Hydraulic VVVF MRL Lift Modernisation


Over the past two years, Hydratec has been working with one of its major customers to improve the reliability of two hydraulic Machine-Room-Less (MRL) lifts in a private residential block.

Working with our client, the reliability has been improved, but there were still ongoing complaints from the residents about the excessive noise created by the power units during up travel. The noise was transmitted throughout the building and was disturbing residents’ sleep to such an extent that the majority of them, who were able, were using the stairs.

The design of the original building gave rise to some of the noise problems; the lift well is a steel structure within a steel stairwell with thin sheet cladding on the outside. The cladding provided little in the way of an acoustic barrier, and as previously mentioned, the
original power units were very noisy during up travel.


Hydratec was tasked with significantly reducing the noise levels whilst at the same time improving the reliability and safety of the lifts. This created several challenges:

• The original power units were of a vertical design with a very small footprint of 400mm square
• The noise levels of similar hydraulic systems were very much in line with the existing unit
• No option to relocate the power unit outside the lift well
• Restricted space for the new controller

To view the full case study, and Hydratec’s solution, download a PDF of the case study here.