Five-storey Lift Modernisation Tunbridge Wells

Housing associations and authorities that own or manage lifts in multiple occupation (HMO) buildings, particularly those with a diverse range of needs, require lifts to perform safety and reliably each and every time they are used.

This was not the case for a hydraulic lift, installed in a five-storey attendant supported accommodation based hostel in Tunbridge Wells.

As with all of our projects, we work as subcontractors to a primary lift service provider and in this case, following a detailed lift condition survey and conversations with our customer, the decision was made to refurbish and modernise the building’s lift. The entire project was based around a Hydratec smart™ modular solution, in this instance, utilising a Bucher hydraulic iValve and a Lester Controls EN81-20 custom-built Almega II control system.

Hydratec’s first job was to decommission and remove the existing lift. We then cleaned and redecorated the lift shaft and drive/pump room that was adjacent to the lift shaft. Our installation engineers replaced all of the hydraulic equipment in the shaft, including the ram and installed new shaft lighting.

We then proceeded with the installation of new landing entrances and car doors, relining the lift car and installing energy efficient lighting along with a new car operating panel and landing signalisation. The entire modernisation took eight weeks and was completed on time and to budget.

Before we handed the lift back to the building’s facility managers, we carried out the statuary lift testing requirements required for a passenger lift.

Download PDF version here.