Full Hydraulic Lift Modernisation at four-storey Private Residential building. Soho, London

Soho is globally renowned for its great range of live entertainment, restaurants and clubs. The area also has a significant amount of social and privately-owned properties.

Hydratec were tasked by the owners’ primary lift contractor to undertake a full modernisation on a four-storey passenger lift that serves the apartments over the street-level units.

As the building was occupied during the modernisation, Hydratec produced and erected custom hoardings to protect residents and our workspace during the project which included minor builders’ works. In line with other full modernisations that Hydratec undertake, we installed a new open through lift car, entrances and car doors.

Other elements of the modernisation included a Hydratec smart™ EN81-20 compliant system incorporating a Bucher VF iValve and a Lester Controls Almega II lift controller, landing signalisation, shaft wiring, limits, car top control and a CEDES shaft encoder.

Prior to handover, we fully tested the new lift and made it available for use by the residents.