Hotel Lift Modernisation in York: Hydratec smart™ Hydaulic Lift Modernisation

The city of York, Yorkshire, is well-known for its rich heritage and wealth of historic attractions, including York Minster. With this background, it’s hardly surprising that York has a wealth of traditional and modern English hotels.

One of York’s modern hotels had recently been acquired by a larger premium leisure brand, resulting in the hotel’s refurbishment and identity change.

As part of the refurbishment programme to bring the hotel up to the standards of the new owner, the hotel’s two passenger lifts had been identified for modernisation. Working with the hotel’s primary lift service provider, Hydratec was commissioned to undertake the lift modernisation project.

Hydratec’s contract was to undertake a drive, signalisation and aesthetic modernisation of both passenger lifts. The hydraulic system chosen was the Hydratec smart™ modular solution utilising a Bucher hydraulic iValve and a Lester Controls EN81-20 custom-built Almega II control system. Once installed, the low energy integrated hydraulic Hydratec smart™ provides improved floor levelling, reliability and energy efficiencies.

As part of Hydratec’s complete lift modernisation service, we also relined the lift cars, installed new landing entrances and replaced the existing lift call buttons.

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