wigan shopping high street

Major High Street Retailer in Wigan, Hydratec smart™ Hydraulic Lift Modernisation

The need to provide safe and reliable floor-to-floor passenger transport for a shopper’s convenience is essential to maintaining customer satisfaction and to comply with the needs of the Equality Act 2010.

For retailers, this invariably means that stores need escalators or, at the least, passenger lifts that can convey wheelchairs. In the majority of cases, passenger lifts installed in two and three-storey stores are likely to be hydraulic and were potentially installed over ten years ago. This means that they are very likely to benefit from an upgrade or refurbishment.

This was exactly the case at one of Wigan’s high street department stores. Working under contract to one of the major lift and escalator service providers, Hydratec was to quote for a full hydraulic modernisation based on the Hydratec smart™ fitted with an ALGI frequency-controlled hydraulic valve. The lift being modernised was of a 2-stop hydraulic passenger lift.

The Hydratec smart™ lift controller – designed and manufactured by Lester Controls specifically for Hydratec – was adapted to interface with the ALGI VVVF system. As part of the in-shaft Hydratec smart™ modernisation, Hydratec also installed Lester Controls APS (CEDES) Absolute Positioning System.

Some of the major benefits of the Hydratec smart™ range include improved energy efficiency and safety features. These, combined with lower noise levels and improvements to ride quality, have been instrumental in the success of Hydratec smart™.

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