Hydratec’s return to operational services under strict COVID 19 guidelines.

As of Monday 11th May 2020, Hydratec will be returning to fully operational services from both our Yateley and Heywood facilities.

We continue to remain partly operational until 11th May, to support requests relating to the NHS and other of the UK’s front-line essential services for on-site support and for the dispatch of critical stock parts when required.

Key personnel can still be contacted directly via their mobile phones, (numbers provided to existing customers).

To protect our staff, we will be following the distancing and hygiene standards as recommended by the Government relating to Covid-19. Returning to work, repair and modernisation engineers will all be correctly equipped with face masks, gloves, visors and goggles and thoroughly briefed on COVID 19 distancing and safety procedures prior to visiting any work site.

Our Senior Managers will be prioritising all jobs and projects that were already in progress or due to start prior to the lockdown. We are happy to discuss timelines for any new jobs or projects and appreciate your understanding whilst we clear the backlog of work.

Technical support is available through the usual channels and by emailing sales@hydratec-lifts.co.uk we will do our utmost to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Rob Keane


Rams Full Replacement at Public Building: Hydratec Ecosmart+™

Following on from other successful Hydratec smart™ lift modernisations in the same sector, Hydratec was awarded the contract to undertake a full modernisation of the passenger lift located at one of the Government’s public three-storey buildings in Hull. Hydratec’s contract for this project was agreed with the primary lift service provider and required detailed estimating in advance of the award.

Completed in 1991, the building in question brought together various community services and associated facilities. Like many of the Government’s public buildings, the facility is located close to the city centre shopping areas in order to assist with access and convenience for visitors.

The original hydraulic lift in the building was getting on for 30 years old and, although it had been updated throughout its life, the time had come for a thorough and comprehensive modernisation. Working with the lift service provider, we estimated for a full hydraulic and aesthetic modernisation in order to improve lift performance, lower energy consumption and enhance lift travel for passengers. To improve lift ride quality, we replaced the hydraulic ram and installed an APS (CEDES) Absolute Positioning System in the lift shaft.

To power the lift, a Hydratec ecosmart+™ that utilises a Bucher VF-iValve and a Lester Controls custom-built Almega II control system was chosen.

As with all Hydratec smart™ packages, the system is fully compliant with EN81-20 and also provides an integrated A3 solution with the Bucher iValve.

Download the PDF here.