Superstore Distribution Centre, Doncaster: Hydratec smart™ Hydraulic Lift Modernisation

When thinking about lifts in distribution centres, the probability is that most of us would initially think of goods lifts. But what about the lifts that convey staff when moving floor-to-floor?

These still have to be reliable and safe in operation and comply with the needs of the Equality Act 2010 for those with limited mobility. Additionally, in some large distribution centres, the lift is often not adjacent to the building’s stairs.

So, with distribution centres like that in Doncaster, maintaining reliable and safe staff transport of the centre’s lifts is essential for people movement within the building.

In this instance, along with their lift and escalator service provider, we had identified the need to upgrade and refurbish the hydraulic system that powers the passenger lift in the distribution centre. As a result, Hydratec was asked to estimate for a full modernisation
of the hydraulic machinery and equipment of the distribution centre’s passenger lift.

After consultation with our client, the decision was made to modernise with a Hydratec smart™ solution, utilising a Blain EV valve fitted with a Blain A3 compliant pressure lock and tank. In this instance, the lift controller – designed and manufactured by Lester Controls specifically for the Hydratec smart™ range – was programmed to interface with the Blain valve.

Working to a tight programme, Hydratec completed the modernisation within the five day period allocated for the project.

Download PDF version here.