Three-Storey Lift Modernisation. Kensington, London

Situated close to Kensington High Street and in a premium residential property, Hydratec were contracted to undertake the modernisation of a three-storey MRL hydraulic passenger lift.

The residential property under new ownership was undergoing a full refurbishment programme which included replacing a longstanding out of service lift.

Working with the primary lift contactor, Hydratec were tasked to undertake the full lift modernisation which related to the installation of a Hydratec smart™ hydraulic system. This included the installation of the hydraulic unit into a newly constructed motor room.

The Hydratec smart™ EN81-20 compliant system utilised included a Lester Controls Almega II custom manufactured controller and a Bucher iValve. As part of the package, we also installed the shaft wiring, limits, car top control and a CEDES shaft encoder.