Two-storey Lift Modernisation Kent

Situated in one of Tunbridge Wells’ strikingly earlier developments, of one of Kent’s original post office buildings, the residents of one of the residential properties in the Post Office Square were experiencing reliability issues with their lift. The original failing lift was installed during the period of the building’s re-development in early 2000’s and served two floors of an apartment block.

Due to Hydratec’s experience with hydraulic lifts, the primary lift service provider approached us to establish budget costs for a full modernisation of the lift. Members of our senior team then met with the service provider on-site, to undertake a full lift survey and discuss time frames for the modernisation. With this undertaken, we provided a full cost breakdown and programme of works for approval. Our proposal was based around a Hydratec smart™ modular solution and our client chose a Bucher hydraulic iValve and a Lester Controls EN81-20 Almega II lift controller for their drive and control solution.



After receiving instructions from the lift service provider, we decommissioned and removed the existing lift and its ancillary equipment. Our installation team cleaned and redecorated the lift shaft and drive/pump room, located in the buildings gated car park. We replaced all of the hydraulic equipment in the shaft including the ram and installed new shaft lighting. Also, we installed new landing entrances including builders work and car doors, new lift car and finishes, energy efficient lighting along with a new car operating panel and landing signalisation.

During the entire modernisation, the building was fully occupied and Hydratec engineers worked carefully to avoid excessive noise and disruption to the residents. On completion, we also carried out the statuary lift testing requirements required for a passenger lift.

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