Hydratec smart™ New Controller Options

As a direct result of customer requests, Hydratec are now in a position to offer alternative controller solutions for Hydratec smart™ modernisation packages.

The options now include Kollmorgen, Lester Controls and Thames Valley Controls:

Hydratec – Hydratec smart™ with Kollmorgen Control System

Hydratec can offer Hydratec smart™ modernisation packages with Kollmorgen’s advanced MRK411 series controller at a competitive price. The system comprises of Kollmorgen’s LIMAX 2M series APS shaft encoding system which is a magnetic, positively-guided system using the very latest technology.

Hydratec – Hydratec smart™ with Lester Controls Control System

The Hydratec smart™ system utilising Lester Controls’ ALMEGA II lift controller is designed with ‘plug and play’ wiring to reduce installation times by up to 50% and uses advanced infrared optical sensor technology.

Hydratec – Hydratec smart™ with TVC Control System

Like the rest of the smart™ systems, the Hydratec smart™ system with the cutting-edge TVC Ethos 2 lift controller was chosen to be virtually maintenance free and incorporates the Bucher iValve that delivers excellent performance with only minimal input from the installer.