05 May

Recent Lift Refurbishment – Algi VVVF MRL Unit

hydraulic lift refurbishment

Hydratec recognise how important it is to understand customers’ refurbishment needs, tailoring our services and products to individual requirements, compatibility and availability. Therefore, when an unreliable hydraulic lift required attention in a private residential apartment block, the specialist hydraulic engineers from Hydratec’s Northern region were on hand to advise and propose a suitable, cost-effective upgrade that incorporated enhanced, modern technology.

There were some unique problems to overcome. The existing power unit had a very small footprint within the lift well – we had to look for a manufacturer who could produce a vertical power unit. We knew ALGI had a product that would suit. Clearance for the power unit and inverter were checked and a very compact controller had to be manufactured. The modernisation required Hydratec to replace the existing problematic MRL hydraulic control and drive system with the eco-friendly Algi VVVF MRL unit, a new open protocol lift controller inside the architrave, and a complete rewire along with some aesthetic upgrades to the car and landings.

The refurbished hydraulic lift is due for completion during early May 2015. The modernisation will provide reliability, smoother operation, lowered noise levels and reduced energy consumption.

This is the first time a lift of this type has been modernised in the UK using the ALGI VVVF Tower MRL power unit. If you would like more information, please contact us.