18 Nov

Hydratec’s New Product and Service Guide

Over the last few months, Hydratec have seen an increase in customer enquiries for standard pricing quotes covering our most requested services. Historically, we have always recommended that customers speak with one of our specialists to ensure that specifications and requirements fully match what is needed. However, we all know about, and experience time pressures, so to assist customers with obtaining quick estimates on routine work, we have produced a printed pricing guide.

The content of the guide includes a collection of the standard prices for the popular and main services that we provide, as well as an overview of what we do, what each service includes and what its benefits are.

Hydratec's product and Service Guide

Our Product & Service Price Guide 2014-15 covers standard prices for services and products including:

  • Replacement Ram Seal
  • Valve Service
  • Pipe Rupture Valves
  • Surveys
  • Oil Coolers
  • Oil Water Heat Exchanger
  • Hydraulic Oil Change
  • Installation of Ancillary Items

If you would like to request a Product and Service Price Guide, please call us on 01252 871664 or fill in one of our enquiry forms here.