15 Mar

Celebrating 25 Years in Business!

In January of this year, Hydratec celebrated our 25th anniversary of assisting with the needs of lift companies requiring specialist skills and knowledge of hydraulic lifts.

Over the years, we have continued to assist lift companies across the UK with hydraulic repairs, upgrades, modernisations and are often involved in particularly challenging and technical hydraulic projects.

As straight talking hydraulic experts, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and often advise on technical specifications. We have been, and are, involved in many specialist projects which include, regenerative hydraulic systems, super capacitor drives, full modernisations, and complex lift jack replacements.

We work closely with manufacturers including, ALGI, Blain, Bucher, GMV and, Hydronic to provide the best solution.

In order to ensure that Hydratec engineers are constantly up-to-date with hydraulic technology, we have a dedicated training facility at our Yatelely premises. This facility includes a fully operational hydraulic lift, various valve set-ups and a classroom.


As many of our customers will know, in 2016, we launched Hydratec Smart, a modular hydraulic lift modernisation product which has been installed successfully in over 70 sites since its introduction.

Today, as a result of ongoing requests from customers, Hydratec is now providing a hydraulic full turnkey replacement or new installation service, including cars, shaft equipment controllers and aesthetics. Find out more about our hydraulic lift modernisation solutions here.